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Tarya Tribble

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Tarya Tribble is an experienced lawyer living in Riverview, Florida, near Tampa. She has been working out of her own practice, Tribble Law Center, for twenty-four years. In those years, she has handled many cases, helping ordinary people navigate the complexities of the legal system during often very difficult and stressful periods of their lives. Tarya has always been passionate about justice and has loved spending her entire career helping people pursue justice in their own lives.

In 1990, Tarya Tribble graduated from the University of Maryland with her Bachelor of Science degree. She then worked towards taking the law school admission test in preparation for her education in law. Eventually, she was accepted into Stetson University College of Law in Gulfport, Florida. Stetson University founded its law school in 1900, making it the first law school in the state of Florida. It is accredited by the American Bar Association and is a member of the Association of American Law Schools. The school has multiple law libraries for its students and has been involved in many prominent diversity and inclusion initiatives in recent years. She graduated from the school in 1998 with her Juris Doctorate.

Tarya Tribble took the bar exam the following year and was successfully admitted to the Florida bar. She is admitted to practice law in Florida state courts and federal courts throughout the middle district of Florida, the northern district of Florida, and the southern district of Florida. Tarya has been a practicing attorney ever since, helping Florida residents by representing many cases throughout the years. 

Since beginning her practice, Tarya Tribble has chosen several specific practice areas to focus on. These include family law, dependency, personal injury, and appeals. Family law is a large practice area that includes everything from child custody cases to managing wills and trusts. For families pursuing divorce, matters such as child support and alimony must be overseen by attorneys to draw up official legal documents. This ensures they are enforceable and protects each party. This area of law can be challenging as clients are often handling stressful life situations and can be in conflict with other parties. Tarya is incredibly passionate about this area of law and has handled many child custody cases in the state of Florida.

Personal injury is another substantial subset of cases that Tarya Tribble handles. Many of these cases are related to auto accidents. Car accidents can cause substantial injuries with long-term recovery and effects that can get expensive. While insurance companies may be able to cover some of these costs, there are some scenarios where victims believe they are owed more than what is offered to compensate for their injuries. In these cases, Tarya helps clients explore their options and can offer advice on how to proceed, representing them in court if that is what they decide to pursue.

Regardless of the kinds of cases she works on, Tarya Tribble strives to live up to her slogan: “Balancing Justice for You.” Legal cases are complex and can be intimidating, whether a client is a plaintiff or a defendant. Tarya strives to minimize the stress by walking clients through the process and balancing justice for them, helping to advocate for the best possible outcome while following due process.

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